1. Don’t be afraid to be different

Individuality can be scary if you’re used to just blending in! Wearing vintage is all about discovering your individual style so take a deep breath and be brave, you might just inspire the people around you to be a little braver too!

2. Start small

You don’t have to leap headlong into vintage fashion, you can just start by adding a gorgeous vintage accessory to an outfit you normally wear. It isn’t as scary as wearing something completely different, look out for cute vintage sunglasses, jewellery and  handbags to ease you in. Once the compliments start flooding in your confidence will soar and you’ll be ready to take your look to the next level.

3. Mix and match

Don’t feel that you have to wear all vintage, a vintage dress with modern accessories can look amazing, so wear vintage your way. You don’t have to look ‘authentic’ (unless you’re going to a fancy dress party) so enjoy wearing individual items you love.

4. Don’t drop your standards

Just because you’re buying vintage you don’t have to skimp on quality or fit. There is an enormous amount of vintage fashion out there, so make sure you buy good quality clothes which both fit and suit you (just like you would buying high street fashion). That’s what makes the difference between looking fabulous and looking like you shop in a thrift store. One really important thing is to know your measurements and always try clothes on if you have the opportunity.

5. Feel proud of yourself

Smile and know you’re doing something good for the planet! Vintage is a great way of recycling. It not only saves on the ecological costs of modern clothes processing and the clothing miles which are associated with todays’s fast fashion, it also reduces the amount of clothes sent to landfills.

6. Let your imagination roam

Whenever I wear something vintage for the first time I can’t help wondering who it used to belong to. I’ve got a gorgeous silk 1920s dress and I’d love to know who wore it originally. Was she young, old, fair, mousy, dark or a fiery redhead? Did she wear it to a dinner party, a night at the ballet or a lovers tryst? Did she have to save up for months to afford it or did she just wear it once and then leave it hanging in her wardrobe?

Have you got any great tips to share? Or any questions about wearing vintage? Let’s hear what you’ve got to say!