It can take a bit of time to get used to shopping for vintage clothes, you need to find good vintage stores you can trust, get used to tricky vintage sizing and also get brave enough to take the plunge and start wearing vintage.

If you don’t have the time to do this and want to get yourself a cute vintage look there are some amazing retro fashions on the high street at the moment, and you can achieve a vintage style without leaving your comfort zone!

Getting a 1950s look

The 1950s was all about the silhouette, so whether you go for a formal look, a casual fit and flare day outfit or a wiggle dress, it’s all about emphasising your waist and curves. I’ve chosen a wiggle-style dress with a fitted jacket – (I adore this one by Joules Fashion), but you could just as easily wear this style of jacket with a flared skirt. This dress is from stretchy jersey which makes it easier to wear than authentic wiggle dresses. Just make sure your skirt is knee length or longer if you want to keep the look authentic. It’s the little details that make the difference to an outfit looking retro, so add some kitten heeled shoes and a wicker handbag, oh and some cat-eye sunglasses of course!

1950s outfit

Above: Morgan wiggle-style dress in black jersey, AUSTINE Blazer in green, Kitten heeled red sling-backs by Even & Odd, Loxwood Ramita handbag in red.

Getting a 1960s look

The easiest, and I think most wearable way to get a 1960s look is to wear a shift dress. Keep it on or above the knee and remember, sixties-style shift dresses shouldn’t be too fitted, they should be more or less straight from the bust to the hem. Pair your shift dress with some heeled shoes, if you want to keep the look authentic, choose block heels and a round toe.

The thing that will turn this outfit into a real sixties style look though is how you wear it. Add some heavy eyeliner and lashings of mascara (or even false eyelashes) with pale lips. For hairstyles a bob or a beehive (if you hair is longer) would look great.

1960s outfit

Red Benetton jumper dress, Chie Mihara RUIZA block heeled shoes, Anna Field Sunglasses.

What do you think? Would you choose to wear true vintage or a modern version of it?