Sponsor spotlight: Style Me Betty talks about Vintage Shoes

Vintage shoes

For this week’s Sponsor Spotlight Tanya at Style Me Betty has kindly agreed to share her expertise about buying vintage shoes – something which I have very little experience of. After reading this though I think I might have the confidence to give it a try!

Vintage shoes often scare people away. It seems that people have a tendency to see vintage shoes as something that can only be completely worn out, smelly and impossible to fit into.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As with any shoe shopping you of course have to be aware that each shoe has a different fit – as you would if you went to buy new shoes. Hence, the marked size may not fit you even though you usually wear, for example, a size 5.

What you have to do is take one of your favorite shoes and measure them on the inside from toe to heel (very important that it’s on the inside).

Also, you need to measure the shoe on the widest point of the foot sole.

It’s also worth taking into consideration the shape of the shoe. For example, whether the shoe is very pointy or has a very narrow fit (which is often marked by the number of A’s following the actual size – i.e. 7AA.)

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find vintage shoes in size 8 and up which is rather sad for us girls with slightly larger feet. But they do exist, they are simply harder to hunt down. On the other hand, if you wear a size 4 to 7 you will be able to find a wide variety of shoes which will fit you perfectly.

If you follow these steps I can ensure you that the world of vintage shoes is amazing. You get shoes made in the 1950s/1960s which have been handmade or even custom made. The materials are most often much better quality than you see today.

Of course, the best thing when buying vintage shoes is being lucky to find unused shoes in their original box. You will see how wonderful vintage shoes are and the way they give authenticity to a vintage outfit in a way modern shoes will ever be able to.

Buying vintage shoes from an entrusted retailer is of course the best guarantee for good quality and hence longevity. At Style Me Betty I only sell shoes which I believe have lots of life left in them. I consciously hunt for new old shoes and have shoes repaired if I feel it will prolong the use or simply make them ‘shine’ again.

You should not be anxious about buying vintage shoes online. Take the chance and throw yourselves out in the world of fabulous and unique shoes which will make your other modern store bought shoes seem utterly boring.

Here are some of my favourite vintage shoes from Style Me Betty. Do you wear vintage shoes? Which of these are your favourite?

Vintage shoes

Vintage shoes

Vintage shoes

Vintage shoes

Vintage shoes

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