Sophia Loren and Richard Burton’s Brief Encounter

Sophia Loren and Richard Burton

I’m so used to seeing photos of Richard Burton with Liz Taylor that it seems surprising to see him with another woman! He and Sophia Loren made a remake of Brief Encounter in 1974, so I’m guessing that  photo is from around that time. Although why someone would want to remake such an amazing movie is beyond me. The original was wonderful, I wonder whether their version was any good…? Burton was notorious for trying it on with his leading ladies, do you think anything happened between him and Sophia Loren?

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6 thoughts on “Sophia Loren and Richard Burton’s Brief Encounter

  1. Dirk

    You’re right, Mary.

    The original caption states “The Italian actress Sofia Loren with actor Richard Burton upon arrival on an Iberia plane at Fuenterrabía airport to attend the San Sebastián Film Festival (1974)”. I suppose it was a flight from Rome.

    They competed for Il Viaggio (The Voyage, sometimes confusedly called Brief Encounter) from Vittorio de Sica, based on a novel from Pirandello (with a quite different plot from Brief Encounter).

    Sofia Loren was to win the Award for Best Actress. The critics however didn’t like the movie for being too superficial.

    • vilvintage Post author

      As always, Dirk, you are a real authority on everything movie-related! You’re a very interesting and useful person to know, thanks for sharing your knowledge :) My assumption that it was a remake of the original movie was completely wrong, so thanks for putting me right on that. I thought it sounded odd that they would remake such a perfect movie, but then again the remade ‘The Italian Job’ so I couldn’t be sure!

    • vilvintage Post author

      I’ve been meaning to ask actually, you seem to have such great movie knowledge, would you be interested in doing a guest post on here some time? :)


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