A series of 1940s adverts for fashions by Lynn Lester suggesting a summer wardrobe for June 1947. This summer capsule collection has some wonderful descriptions underneath each item – you just don’t see that any more! 

There are some great new fangled fabrics, like “SnoSilk”, and also some unusual clothing styles. I had no idea what ‘cape sleeves’, a ‘jewellery neckline’ and ‘phlange’ sleeves were before I looked at these ads (although perhaps that says more about my fashion ignorance than the ads..?)

The colours of the season also seem to have been: white, aqua, maize, pink, cocoa, beige and ‘kelly’ Anyone know what colour kelly is?!

[5 photos]

 Above: Celanese Beach Breeze dress. Button front to waist, short sleeves, cape yoke collar, contrasting appliqué and embroidery on flared bias skirt. White, aqua, maize and pink.

1940s fashion advert

Above: Three-piece button-together play suit; blouse, shorts and skirt. Dan River Cordspun Chambray in pink and white, blue and white and grey and white stripes.

1940s fashion advert

Above: Cape sleeve two-piece dress of SnoSilk* (*62% pure silk, 38% rayon acetate). Straight skirt with gold-plated buckle at belt. White, aqua, beige, maize and cocoa.

1940s fashion advert.

Above: Two-piece summer suit dress of Dan River Coolstripe. Short cuffed sleeves, gold ball buttons, straight skirt slit front and back. Black on white – brown on white

1940s fashion advert

Above: Button front dress of Sno-Silk* (62% pure silk, 38% rayon acetate). Saucy peplum, phlange cap sleeves, gold-plated circle buckle on self belt. White, aqua, beige, kelly, maize and cocoa.

1940s fashion advert

Above: Left: Cut-out embroidery collar blouse of Mallison Crepe. Cap sleeves, button front. Aqua, white, pink and maize. Center: Blouse of Renoir Rayon Jersey, under water pattern. Gathered insert extends shoulder to shoulder. Jewelry neckline, cap sleeves, button back. Green, chamois, pink and aqua backgrounds. Right: Casaha Crepe blouse with short sleeves, jewelry neckline, gold fob to be monogrammed, button back. Maize, aqua, white, pink and grey.

Which one of these outfits is your favourite? I like the ‘Renoir Rayon Jersey’ blouse with gathered insert from shoulder to shoulder and jewelry neckline 🙂

Source: Archive.org