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Why it is that Vintage fashion is so perennially popular with fashion lovers? What is it that makes people reference by-gone times and eras rather than simply following the latest trends? Well there are a number of reasons! Vintage fashion is fun, flattering and can be fantastically feminine. It is one of life’s great joys to spend weekends with best friends hunting through musty smelling vintage shops looking for treasures and those amazing unique pieces that you simply must have.

The experience of shopping for vintage garments is so much more visceral and the memories more vivid, I feel that I can remember almost every fantastic vintage shop that I have ever been in; the weirder they were the better. The best ones had clothes stacked so high you couldn’t see where the floors ended and the walls began, with mannequins dressed in military jackets and tutus and bird cages hanging from the ceiling.

The thing about vintage clothing that keeps it in the hearts of so many is that there is staying power to it, in a world where people want more of everything but refuse to pay for it makes for poor quality. With stores like H&M and Primark having the monopoly on our high streets clothes are no longer made to last. But vintage items are; they are high quality unique items that will guarantee you that when you rock up to a party you won’t be wearing the exact same outfit as some other chick!

Choosing to dress in a vintage fashion speaks volumes about you; it shows that you’re creative and can think for yourself, there are great clothes about but vintage lovers aren’t swayed by the latest fads and fashion trends. So with all that good stuff in mind we take a look over some of our favourite vintage beauty styles from yester-year and note some helpful hints so you can re-create for yourself at home because after-all vintage isn’t just about what you wear; but how you wear it.

Victory Rolls:

Victory Rolls became a seriously popular hair style during the 1940s when women started to wear their hair a little longer than in previous decades, the name comes from a fighter plane manoeuvre which was commonly used during the war.

It’s still re-created often today and is one of the most popular hairstyles for vintage lovers as it is brilliantly feminine and eye-catching. To create Victory Rolls yourself at home simply follow these steps:

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry and part neatly down the middle (or side part if you prefer), then divide your hair into another section from the top of your head down to behind your ears to create a V shaped section and tie the back section up and out of the way.
  • Take one of the front sections of your hair and gently backcomb from the root to create a very full mound of hair on one side of the V, then using a bristle brush smooth down the outer section so that there are no visible tangles or fly away sections and use hairspray to hold in place and use pins to secure.
  • Repeat the second step with the other front section to create the second V shape, if you want to create really neat curls then try using curling tongs before you back comb to create a neater curl.

Winged Eyeliner:

Winged black eyeliner has never really gone out of style and a decent eyeliner one of the most important tools in any vintage fan’s arsenal, feline and just the right amount of sexy; winged eyeliner is appropriate for almost any occasion from a daytime appointment to a special event, just add a little more length and width for more oomph!

To create the perfect winged eyeliner look follow our simple tips:

  • Use a fine line eyeliner and gently draw the brush along your upper lash line from the inner corner of your eye outwards, following the natural contour of your eye black is a classic but a navy blue is a cool fresh update for this look.
  • To create the wing draw a very fine line starting from the outer corner of your eye upwards as if your lower lash line was simply continuing, then from the corner of that line join up the liner to your top lash at around a 45 degree angle and fill in the ‘wing’

Winged eyeliner is always a difficult one to start off with but play around and have fun with it. Try out different lengths and different curves of the wing to see what suits you best! Add a pair of false lashes for a really high impact look for special occasions.

Red Lips:

For an instant pop of colour to any vintage look there is nothing sexier and more stylish than perfectly lined red lips. Choosing the right shade for your skin tone can be tricky so make sure you play around with a couple of testers before you buy, Red is definitely the best colour for a cool retro look but make sure you get it right, there is more to applying lipstick than just slapping it on!

  • Preparation is the key to long lasting colour so make sure that you pop on some lip balm before applying to ensure your lips are moisturised.
  • Using a lip-liner in a similar shade to your lipstick trace the contours of your lips starting with the cupids bow, you can either go pointed or round – up to you!
  • To create perfect red lips we recommend using a brush to paint on the colour and work it into your lips for real staying power.
  • For a Marilyn inspired pout finish off with a lip gloss or if you prefer something a little more contemporary then add a touch of powder for a cool matte look.

So there you have it, a couple of tricks to really help you look the part, just three ways to really add some extra je ne sais quoi to any outfit. There is so much more to vintage fashion and beauty, so if you’ve been inspired by some of these tutorials then make sure you keep investigating into vintage especially luxury vintage designer clothes as there is so much to find out!

Will you be trying out one of these styles?

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