Something even better than strawberries & cream in Wimbledon week

Chocolate dipped strawberries

What’s better than eating sweet English strawberries whilst watching Wimbledon? Eating chocolate-dipped English strawberries, that’s what! With the addition of some Choco-Leibnitz biscuits if you’re feeling particularly piggy!

I don’t really need to give you a recipe for chocolate dipped strawberries, it’s all very simple (just strawberries and melted chocolate). However  it IS possible to mess it up so I have got some tips:

  • Wash and DRY your strawberries thoroughly. If you dip wet strawberries in your melted chocolate it will seize up and be useless.
  • Leave the stalks on your strawberries, this makes the dipping easier. You can always trim the stalks off later once the chocolate is dry
  • Dry on silicone or baking paper to avoid sticking
  • I used melted dark chocolate, but you could use milk or white chocolate, or all 3 if you want to make your plate look more impressive
  • If you like you can also sprinkle nice things onto the melty chocolate: edible gold glitter, chopped nuts, candy sprinkles… Just be sure to do it quickly, the chocolate sets quickly.
  • Use your strawberries straight out of the fridge to get maximum chocolate coverage – the chocolate sets quicker (and therefore thicker) if the strawberries are cold.
Chocolate dipped strawberries

A sort of strawberry version of synchronized swimming

Chocolate dipped strawberries

How British Airways would have served chocolate coated strawberries in the 1980s perhaps. Power-suit strawberries.

Chocolate dipped strawberries

The strawberries drying on silicone paper, or as my husband put it. The strawberries and chocolate look like they’ve had a battle in the kitchen. The chocolate won. (He has a tendency to be dramatic).

Chocolate dipped strawberries

One lonely strawberry. How could you leave it?



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