My vintage: It was acceptable in the 80s

Vintage 1980s sequin top

As I think I’ve mentioned before I ‘m not quite ready to embrace an 80s revival yet. The  memories are just too vivid from the first time round, but I do love a nice sequined top. They remind me of all the things I loved about the 80s: glamorous outfits from Dallas and Dynasty and my mum’s party wardrobe! I’m also partial to shoulder pads, and I do occasionally wear leggings, so perhaps I’m not completely against the 80s trend…

This is one 80s trend I do love – isn’t this butterfly sequin top gorgeous? It’s heavy and beautiful and you feel fantastically glam wearing it. Thanks so much to Revival Vintage for loaning it to me. If you’d like to see more details you can here.

[6 photos]

Vintage 1980s sequin top Vintage 1980s sequin top Vintage 1980s sequin top  Vintage 1980s sequin top Vintage 1980s sequin top

The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera.

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