Guest post  by Cass Brookes.

Over the last few decades we’ve seen a number of fashion blunders, but thankfully these have been offset by a handful of triumphs that have stood the test of time. Designers from most eras have looked to the past for inspiration, making some tweaks along the way in order to create truly timeless creations.

Some years have been more fruitful than others, though, so take a look at this breakdown of the top five decades for fashion.

1. 1960s

The sixties are known as the age of free will, encouraging both men and women to try out new and daring styles. Women moved away from knee length skirts and adopted a less conservative style, with short skirts becoming more prominent as the years went on. Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn successfully introduced drainpipe jeans to ordinary women of all ages, whilst Bob Dylan introduced the same relaxed style to the men.

2. 1980s

Fashion took yet another leap forward in the 1980s, with designers introducing dresses and jumpsuits with waist belts, quickly making curves the new trend. Jeans remained popular, although they weren’t immune to change – high-waisted styles became all the rage.

3. 1990s

The nineties encouraged both men and women to show off their figures with more tight fitting designs. Neons and leisure wear made a brief appearance in the early years, whilst the US and UK switched between grunge and preppy looks.

4. 2000s

This decade is famous for the back pocket. The craze of showing off a design on the back pocket created an edgy look, helping both brands and consumers to express their unique styles. The stamp made tight, slim and baggier jeans trendy, with the likes of Voi Jeans leading the way with this classic noughties look.

5. 2010s

The early 2010s have so far been the decade of reinvention. Jumpsuits, midi skirts, bold colours and jeans have all been redeveloped for the catwalk over the last three years, setting this decade up to be one of the best yet for fashionistas.

Which of these decades introduced your favourite fashion classics?

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