1920s soap advert

A very pretty 1920s advert for Ivory Soap. Never has soap sounded so appealing!

Hidden springs of beauty in your skin – set them free!

In your marvelous skin itself Nature has set up a beauty shop! Did you know that? Complicated little cells renew its silken surface day by day… invisible springs of moisture keep it cool… tiny oil glands lubricate it. A whole beauty system to keep it smooth, pliant and fine!

But soot and dust, powder and cream and rouge sometimes seal up these little founts of loveliness. And then skin troubles come to flaw your complexion’s ivory-smoothness!

You can free these tiny beauty-workers by giving them perfect cleansing… soap-and-water cleansing… Ivory cleansing. Physicians who are skin specialists say that only pores which are carefully cleansed with warm water and a pure soap can go on with their beautifying task, uninterrupted.

To millions of women ‘pure soap; means Ivory Soap.  Ivory’s fine materials are carefully blended to  make it so pure and mild that millions of mothers will use nothing else to cleanse their babies’ skin.  Ivory possesses no magic beauty-bestowing power of its own – no soap, of course, has that. But its exquisitely soft later penetrates every pore and frees it of its tiny blockade of dust and powder – gently, thoroughly, safely! Ivory cleansing thus sets your own beauty-workers free to keep your skin fresh and lovely.

Source: Archive.org