Rather cruel caricature of Coco Chanel from 1919

caricature of Coco Chanel

I realise caricatures are generally quite unflattering, but this seems to be quite poisonous for no apparent reason! The artist was Georges Goursat (Sem) and the piece appeared in Le grand monde à l’envers in 1919. The caption reads:

Mam’selle Coco j’voudrais un beau chapeau pour le Dimanche

Which, if my schoolgirl French suffices, translates as ‘Miss Coco, I would like a beautiful hat for Sunday’.  So, why Coco Chanel is portrayed as a sour-faced hunchback I have no idea! Am I missing something?

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2 thoughts on “Rather cruel caricature of Coco Chanel from 1919

  1. We Heart Vintage

    Really? back in the 1920s? I thought she’d be much more of a bright young thing – not sour-faced and hunched over! (although I may be wrong…)

  2. Elisabeth G.

    They are both affecting a posture fad of the “teens” fashionably known as the “debutante slouch”. An expression of boredom and world-weariness was also part of the “look”.


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