I’ve heard a few people claim they’re ‘too old to wear vintage’ over the past few months, and it got me thinking.  As my 40th birthday looms ahead of me I’ve started wondering whether I’m ‘getting too old’ to be wearing certain things.

Madonna doesn’t let it worry her, and she’s almost twice your age‘ a kind friend said, but frankly while Madonna is a lot of things, my personal style inspiration she is NOT. She’s also no advocate for growing older gracefully which I like to think I could do.


Me (not taking any style-inspiration from Madonna whatsoever)

I’ve relegated certain things into the ‘I’m too old for that category’, for example crop tops. I can confidently say I’ll never again wear a crop top. Or a boob-tube come to think of it, or stripper shoes, or a thong…

However I find the idea of being ‘too old to wear vintage’ a strange one. As you go through life it’s very easy to get caught in a rut of (for example) wearing jeans every day, and slowly you lose the confidence to wear anything else. When it comes to having to dress-up you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten how to.

After I had a baby I had a long period of very little sleep and general life upheaval when I lived in jeans and t-shirts. When I started to introduce some vintage back into my wardrobe after about 5 years of vanilla-dressing it was a scary thing. I dreaded people stopping and staring at me, or nudging each other and sniggering, or coming out with the dreaded ‘ Oh you are brave to wear that’ (now there’s a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one!). But it didn’t happen.

Nobody even asked me ‘is that vintage?’ – friends just told me I looked nice. My mum heaved a sigh of relief that I was snapping out of it. People I didn’t know came up to me and said ‘Oh, I love your jacket’ – something which never happened when I was going through my vanilla phase.

Wearing vintage is about exploring your own individuality, about wanting to own items which are unique and special and not blending in with the crowd. It’s something to enjoy, to play with, to celebrate!

So, in answer to my earlier question, NO, you’re never too old to wear vintage. Nobody’s saying that you should wear pin-up dresses or victory rolls every day (unless you want to). The key is to wear what you love and what you’re comfortable wearing. No, strike that, DON’T wear what you’re comfortable with, wear something that’s a little out of your comfort zone every day and watch your confidence soar!