Learning to love vintage separates

Vintage top

A beautiful vintage Bob Macke blouse from ThisBlueBird Vintage

It’s time I broadened my vintage horizons.

When I first started wearing vintage I took baby-steps and invested in easy little things: sunglasses, jewellery and other accessories which were easy to add to any outfit. As my confidence grew I started buying up vintage dresses, generally from the Sixties, and I love them, I really do, but they’re all fairly dressy.

I need to find some everyday vintage items which I can wear without looking too overdressed. Something to do the school run in, or to nip to the shops… Cute vintage tops to go with jeans, a vintage sweater or two which don’t give me hideous 80s flashbacks and maybe a few pretty vintage (but not particularly smart) skirts.

After trawling some of my favourite vintage shops these are what I’ve found so far. My budget doesn’t allow me to go and buy the whole lot right now, but I think I’m getting used to the idea of wearing vintage separates. What do you think, do you have any suggestions on wearing ‘casual’ vintage?

Vintage top

I adore the stripes and textures on this vintage 1960s skirt from ThisBlueBird Vintage

Vintage top

A vintage 1970s rainbow-striped tank top from Life on Mars Vintage

Vintage top

A pretty embroidered cotton top from Revival Vintage

Pencil skirt

It’s still quite dressy, but I adore this bright red pencil skirt from Vivien of Holloway

Vintage top

Vintage tank top with nautical stripes from Clothes-Box


2 thoughts on “Learning to love vintage separates

  1. CutandChicVintage

    When I’m at an estate sale I never discount the possibilities of a vintage separate. If it’s a classic piece or something that’s on trend or looks contemporary I’ll buy it. I always feel like my dollar stretches farther because I can mix and match a cute blouse or skirt with different items already in my closet and as a result create two or three different outfits with just one purchase.

    – Jo
    http://www.cutandchic.com | cutandchicvintage.etsy.com

    • Mary, WHV

      Hi Jo
      That’s a very good point – I always felt you got less for your money with a separate, but you’re right it is much more versatile. I’m definitely going to have to invest in some cute vintage separates!


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