Harry Potter marauder's map

Harry Potter is a bit like Marmite. You either adore everything to do with Harry Potter or you just don’t understand what all the fuss is about.  If you’re the second kind of person then this post isn’t for you – I’ll be honest with you about that. I love Harry Potter, I’ve read all the books multiple-times, watched the movies over and over and keep meaning to go on the studio tour but I’m waiting till my son is slightly older. I’m a confirmed Potter-nerd.

I was delighted that my 7-year-old finally got into Harry Potter this year. He hasn’t watched all the movies (they just get too frightening), but he loves the first four films and we’re reading ‘The Philosophers Stone’ as his bedtime story at the moment. It should definitely take us through till Halloween, it’s a long book to read aloud!

This year I decided to combine my love of Halloween (2nd favourite holiday of the year after Christmas) with my love of all things HP and I’m throwing a Potter-themed Halloween party.  I’ve already made the invitations (above) as versions of Harry’s Marauder’s Map and we’re delivering them today after we’ve sealed them with red sealing wax after school.

We’re all dressing up as different characters, Theo’s going as Harry Potter (of course, it’s ‘his’ party after all), I’m Professor Trelawney and my husband, who’s tall, dark and handsome will make a great Professor Snape.  I’ve always had a thing for Alan Rickman anyway, so that’ll work well…

I’m looking for ideas for my Harry Potter party really, have any of you thrown one, or been to one? Do you have any ideas for decorations, food etc?  I’ve started planning it here and have some ideas but I’d love some more suggestions!