Judy GarlandThe height of Hollywood stars is something which has always fascinated me. I’m not sure why, but actresses always seem taller than they actually are (perhaps because they’re projected onto an enormous screen!). I had no idea that I was the same height as Marilyn Monroe, or that Veronica Lake was a diminutive 4’11”.

  • Veronica Lake: 4’11”
  • Judy garland 5’05”
  • Jean Harlow 5’0″
  • Bette Davis 5′ 3″
  • Ginger Rogers 5′ 4.5″
  • Marilyn 5′.5 1/2″
  • Rita Hayworth 5′.6″
  • Audrey Hepburn 5′.7″
  • Grace Kelly 5’6.5″
  • Lauren Bacall 5’8″
  • Julie Newmar 5’11”

Are you surprised by any of these? I was amazed that Rita Hayworth was only 5’6″, I thought she would be a lot taller!

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