Post War British textiles

I wanted to share something a little different with  you today. This lovely animation has been created by animator Gavin Edwards and was inspired by the Post War Textiles exhibition at the Copenhagen Design Museum. This is what he had to say about his inspiration and creative proces:

 The exhibition in question was at the Copenhagen Design Museum and featured wall sized drapes of the vintage textiles in question. Gazing at them, being an animator, I imagined each of these patterns brought to life and on my return I decided to make a short piece about the show.

The animation was made in my spare time, the odd hour here and there at evenings and weekends, I wanted to produce something decent so didn’t feel the need to rush it therefore it took about 2 months. When I had finished animating it I advertised on for a sound designer and after receiving many offers I found someone who, very kindly was willing to offer their services for free. I was very pleased with the result as I think the sound design works really well with the imagery.

Textile. from Gavin Edwards on Vimeo.