Woah, who’d be a lion tamer eh?

Vintage circus: lion tamer

Wow, this photo raises lots of conflicting emotions in me (but I suspect that’s the sign that it’s a good photograph!). I have an enormous amount of admiration for this lady who must have nerves of steel, and I also feel sorry for the lions, who should never have been in captivity like this.  Similar to the post last week about the different MGM Lions.

In a strange way the remind me of my cats when they suddenly turn on me. You know that moment when you’re stroking a cat and all of a sudden the purring turns to them wildly attacking your hand – not so viciously to draw blood (most of the time), but enough to remind you that they’re still essentially a wild animal choosing to live with you. Or is that just me, are my cats just a bit feral? 😉

This photo was taken at Bertram Mills Touring Circus in 1936. How times have changed eh?

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3 thoughts on “Woah, who’d be a lion tamer eh?

  1. Helene

    My cat so does that. purring merrily away as I stroke her back, woe betide if I go down her side a bit. Snarls at me like I’ve stolen her catnip. Adorable to evil puss in a flash. Helene@revivalvintage x


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