Wonderful 1930s nightgown – with the right underwear this would be an amazing Veronica Lake style dress

I can’t ignore it any longer: the Christmas ads started in major style yesterday and once M&S and John Lewis have launched their ever faboulous Christmas campaigns you just have to give into the festive season.  So it got me thinking about party dresses and how nice it would be to embrace my inner silver screen goddess this party season… I adore this Veronica Lake style dress below. Who will be your party-season style inspiration this year?


This 1980s-does-1920s dress is very Louise Brooks


A Judy Garland style dress. Pair with ruby slippers if you feel like a little sparkle!

A vintage gold handbag

An oh-so-elegant 1940s gold handbag


This beatiful gold wiggle dress would have looked fabulous on Sophia Loren


If your silver screen icon is Rita Hayworth then this dress would be perfect for you!


This late 30s / early 40s inspired dress would be perfect on Lana Turner



Vintage 1940s shoes

Just pair with a gorgeous pair of vintage 1940s silver shoes

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