Product Review: Loungeable Boutique Bath Robe

I was lucky enough to be sent one of these Longeable Boutque bath robes by the lovely people at Bras and Honey, but unfortunately it’s caused a bit of a problem.

Not only have my mum and my husband both asked for one after seeing it, but I’m having an ongoing battle with my cat about who the bath-robe actually belongs to. The problem is it’s just too soft and comfortable!  I’m not the tidiest person, and have been known to always occasionally leave my dressing gown on the floor of my bedroom, or on the bed. At which point my cat pounces on it, plays wildly with the belt and then settles down to sleep on it for the rest of the day.


Sammy, who has reviewed and tested the bath robe thoroughly

I don’t mind this too much, but what I do mind is the fact that he now sits and meows demandingly when I hang it up until I get it down for him and put it on the bed for him to sleep on! This behaviour isn’t too unusual for my cat, he’s pretty demanding when he wants food/cuddles/anything else, but it’s the first time he’s demanded to have a particular place to sleep!

Anyway, I can’t recommend this bath robe highly enough, it’s warm, comfortable and feels wonderfully luxurious. I’ve secretly been tempted to do the school run in it, but my pride has stopped me so far. I might be more tempted once the weather turns really cold…

If you’d like to treat yourself to one they’re available in burgundy (which I have), white and mink and Bras and Honey are offering a lovely Black Friday 20% off all non-sale items with the code: BFRIDAY

The discount code starts on 28th November 2013 and expires on  5th December 2013 at midnight GMT.


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