1940s headscarf

I know there’s nothing authentic about this outfit, my silk scarf is actually from the 1960s, the headscarf style is inspired by 1940s land-girls,  my clothes are modern and my Grandma’s pearls are probably from the 1950s, but it was a nice outfit to wear, and surprisingly liberating to wear a headscarf! It’s nice not to have to worry about your hair, the only annoying thing was the rustling noise it made in my ears, but I can get used to that. Perhaps a cotton scarf might actually be a better choice…

It was nice to wear my Grandma’s pearls. I’ve had them for years without ever having a reason to wear them, and it always feels good to wear things that have a little personal history attached to them. My Grandma died when I was very young, but I’d love to know what occasion she wore them too!

1940s headscarf 1940s headscarf1940s headscarf

The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera.