A 1940s Headscarf and My Grandma’s Pearls

1940s headscarf

I know there’s nothing authentic about this outfit, my silk scarf is actually from the 1960s, the headscarf style is inspired by 1940s land-girls,  my clothes are modern and my Grandma’s pearls are probably from the 1950s, but it was a nice outfit to wear, and surprisingly liberating to wear a headscarf! It’s nice not to have to worry about your hair, the only annoying thing was the rustling noise it made in my ears, but I can get used to that. Perhaps a cotton scarf might actually be a better choice…

It was nice to wear my Grandma’s pearls. I’ve had them for years without ever having a reason to wear them, and it always feels good to wear things that have a little personal history attached to them. My Grandma died when I was very young, but I’d love to know what occasion she wore them too!

1940s headscarf 1940s headscarf1940s headscarf

The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera.

2 thoughts on “A 1940s Headscarf and My Grandma’s Pearls

  1. Helene

    To be honest that’s the way I like to wear my vintage mixed up and personal. My Grandma had her house broken into when she was 80yrs. All her jewellery was taken. We found her jewellery box thrown in someones garden further down the street. Treasure those pearls, I’m sure your Grandma would be delighted you are enjoying them as I’m sure she must have. Helene@RevivalVintagex


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