One of the Christmas traditions in our house is the annual watching of Mary Poppins. We don’t even pay that much attention to it any more, it’s just on in the background and we just join in with our favourite bits. I’m going to have Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious suck in my brains for at least the next week…

Here are 10 things I love about Mary Poppins:

    1. Dick van Dyke’s terrible mockney accent. Apparently it was voted 2nd worst accent ever in a movie by a poll in Empire Magazine (behind Sean Connery in  The Untouchables). It is truly awful and yet you can’t help but love it!
    2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (indubitably)
    3. Also the dance for Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious which is almost as catchy as the song. I challenge you to listen to the song and not to find yourself bobbing up and down!
    4. The dancing scene with all the cartoon characters  It’s a Jolly ‘oliday with Mary Poppins – especially the Penguin Dance
    5. The fact that she can fly using her umbrella (and can blow all the other grumpy nannies away)
    6. She can make medicine change colour (and taste like rum punch)
    7. Great chimney sweep dancing in Step In Time
    8. The fact that laughing hard can make you float up to the ceiling, if only that were true!
    9. 1 small boy not being allowed to spend his pocket money on feeding the birds manages to create a run on the bank
    10. Great and useful phrases to use every day conversation including ‘Spit Spot!’, ‘Go fly a kite!’ ‘Gor Blimey’ and, of course, ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way!’

Which is your favourite bit?

Movie still source and copyright: This work is in the public domain in that it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977 and without a copyright notice.