And my plans for 2014…

Missing 2013 yet? Nope, me neither! I’m excited about what 2014 will bring and what we’ll all accomplish in the next 12 months!

I had my blogging annual report yesterday and I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you and my plans for the year ahead.

Attractions in 2013
These are the posts that got the most views in 2013.

  1. How did 1950s models get such tiny waists? The low down on waist training
  2. Vintage Models & Style Icons
  3. Vintage Directory
  4. Waist training: a visual history of corsetry
  5. Vintage Fashion 1920s – 1980s
  6. So what size was Marilyn Monroe…? Marilyn’s (& other movie stars) measurements
  7. Marilyn in a yellow bikini
  8. Vintage Photographers
  9. Vintage movie, stage and TV stars
  10. The 10 most iconic dresses

Blogging stats

How did they find you?
The visitors that came searching, mostly came for jackie kennedy, how to get a tiny waist, small waist, waist training, and pin up girls. Which I find quite surprising really!The sites which referred the most visitors were:

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Image Search
  3. Bing
  4. Facebook
  5. Pinterest

My blogging resolutions for this year:

  • Not to blog for the sake of it. Even if it means not posting every today, I pledge to only share content which I am proud of even if it means posting less often. No lazy blogging, or blogging because I feel I have to!
  • To build more of a blogging community and get to know other bloggers.

Do you have any suggestions? Let me know what you’d like to see more of on We Heart Vintage! What kind of posts do you look forward to? What’s missing? I’d love to hear what you think, and can always use some more inspiration. Also, if you have a blog (even if you’ve only just started it) share it in the comments below so we can all take a look. I love discovering new blogs!

Also, if you’re a blogger you might want to check out my 8 essential blogging apps. Let me know if I’ve missed anything out!

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