Indiana Jones

The 80s was a great time for movies. Perhaps because my whole childhood was the 80s: I was 6 at the start of the decade and 16 by the end of it so my choice of movies might reflect this. Although I have to admit discovering some of these movies later on. They’re not in order of preference, I tried to do that but I just love every single one of these movies and completely failed to choose my favourite (if I absolutely had to I think I’d choose Ferris Bueller, or would it be Indiana Jones..?)

I’d love to know whether you agree with my list. Did I miss any of your favourites out? And before you point it out, I know I’ve missed out Back to the Future, if it was my top 11 that would definitely be in there too…

  1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

    Gene Kelly was my first childhood crush, but Harrison Ford was the first man I truly fell in love with. I’d still marry him tomorrow if he asked me (probably), and it was the Indiana Jones movies which really brought him to my attention. They were all on TV over Christmas and watching them again now, they’re just as good as they were the first time around (after goodness-knows how many viewings!).

  2. The Lost Boys (1987)

    My first introduction to Kiefer Sutherland, who made the most fantastic vampire. Oh and, of course, The Lost Boys also starred Corey Haim and Corey Feldman who were fabulous. Whatever happened to them?

  3. Risky Business (1983)

    This was the first risqué movie I ever watched (who knew you could have sex on a train?). The pre-nose-job Tom Cruise is fabulously dorky (especially when dancing in his pants and socks) and has wild adventures while his parents were out-of-town. Plus, he gave every teenage boy the hope of getting some action!

  4. The Breakfast Club (1985)

    Oh, how I love this movie. A group of teenage kids who don’t normally hang out together (the cool one, the dork, the goth, the nerd, the pretty one etc.) get thrown together in Saturday detention. What can I say about this movie? Love the dancing, love Emilio Estevez, if you haven’t seen it go see it today!

  5. Wall Street (1987)

    The perfect movie about the excesses of the 80s, with the perfect slick bad-guy: Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko. Greed is Good everyone…

  6. Romancing the Stone (1984)

    Michael Douglas as the adventuring anti-hero who rescues Kathleen Turner from a life of boredom and becoming a crazy reclusive cat-woman in true swashbuckling fashion. A great romantic adventure, and Douglas looks fabulous in an 80s white suit!

  7. Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986)

    Possibly the best and coolest movie ever. I could watch this film forever. Never before or since has Matthew Broderick been so cool, oh, and that Ferrari… Oh Yeah…

  8. BladeRunner (1982)

    Rutger Hauer didn’t just advertise Guinness in the 80s, he starred alongside Harrison Ford in this fabulously stylised 80s sci-fi classic

  9. The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

    How could I not include this? One of the Star Wars trilogy had to be in here, Star Wars was filmed in the 70s, and Return of the Jedi had those bloody Ewoks in them, so I had to choose this one. Having said that I love all 3 of those movies. The Harrison Ford/George Lucas combination was genius…

  10. Top Gun (1986)

    So much of this movie slips into daily conversation, well in our house anyway: “I feel the need…the need for speed!”, “You can be my wingman any time”, “Take me to bed or lose me forever”. The sign of a true great movie…

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