Vintage Homewares: From Antique to 1980s

I’ve had a fabulous time this week looking through lots of vintage homewares, and I’ve found everything from antiques to things I remember from the 1980s, not to mention a gorgeous 1950s Marilyn Monroe-shaped ashtray and a 22 carat gold teapot!

Do you have much vintage in your home? I seem to have quite a lot which has been passed down to me, including one of those typical 1960s stainless steel teapots (which I use every day) and some 1930s crystal sherry glasses (which I hardly ever use because they need hand-washing!)

As usual, just click on an item to find out more about it. I’d love to know which your favourite is – let me know in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Homewares: From Antique to 1980s

  1. Helene Fallows

    No surprise I have quite a bit of vintage in my home as well as my wardrobe. I love my eclectic mix of bits and pieces, just enough to add character to my home without being a dusting nightmare. helene@revivalvintage

    • Mary, WHV

      I couldn’t agree more Helene. That’s why those lovely 1930s sherry glasses live in my sideboard rather than out on display. I’m just not houseproud enough to dust extra ornaments! :)

  2. Nancy

    My favorites.. the Lloyd loom wicker chair.. I have a green one that is similar… then the chenille bedspread..lovely!
    Of course the Bread tin is great.. Obviously I could go on!

  3. Either/Or Finds

    Many thanks for including Either/Or Finds! My favorites are those red glasses, the Bread tin, and that great German wall clock ~ but all your picks were terrific!


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