Looking Specsy in Vintage Glasses

Today is a bit of a red letter day.  I *finally* own my very first pair of vintage glasses thanks to the fabulous people at The Vintage Optical Shop. Aren’t they great? There’s something about wearing some gorgeous vintage specs which make you want to have fun and get pulling faces. Trout pout anyone?

Plus check out my Joyce Temple-Savage impression (bottom left) – uncanny I think you’ll agree?

Anyway, back to my gorgeous glasses: they’re vintage French 1950s cat-eye beauties with pretty red flecks which catch the light. I haven’t had the lenses fitted yet, that’s a job for next week, but I can’t wait to start wearing them whenever I’m blogging! I’m bound to gain at least 10% extra vintage va va voom in my sexy specs!

I’ll be giving away a pair of vintage cat-eye glasses from The Vintage Optical Shop next week (you can now see the competition here), so prepare yourself by taking a look at their site and choosing your favourite pair!

I was a bit worried about getting the right size online, but they’ve got great instructions on their site. Just measure either your current glasses or your face and (as you can see with mine) you’ll get the ideal fit! Plus, I received them within a week even though they were shipped from the USA – I was well chuffed!

What do you think? Did I choose well? What style of vintage specs would you choose?