1960s Style Icons: Nancy Kwan

1960s Style Icons: Nancy Kwan

Nancy Kwan was one of the first EuroAsian-American actresses to play major roles in Hollywood movies. Born in Hong Kong she became a movie actress and sex symbol in the 1960s and was nicknamed the ‘Chinese Bardot’.  Born in 1939 to a Cantonese father and British mother and became the first significant Asian actress in Hollywood since Anna May Wong back in the 1920s.

Her iconic hairstyle, the Kwan Cut, designed by Vidal Sassoon was widely copied and was often seen on the pages of fashion magazines during the Sixties. She is probably most famous for her breakthrough role in the movie The World of Suzie Wong.

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3 thoughts on “1960s Style Icons: Nancy Kwan

  1. Caprice Royal

    I’ve just watched again, last week, ‘The World of Suzie Wong’. She’s such an adorable character , mixing humour and pathos!

  2. Bunnybuntales

    I agree Nancy Kwan was the next Asian after Anna May Wong since Kwan was from Hong Kong however some may argue France Nuyen not Kwan was next. I don’t personally count Nuyen since she is French (both nationality and white French) not Asian like Kwan. Nonetheless according to the one drop rule, most of mainstream society would tell you Nuyen is next after Anna May Wong. Nuyen also has great style if you ever want to mention her.

    Now to make things more complicated. Kwan and Nuyen are EuroAsian descent and look every inch of it with their phenotypes so I guess the next “full-blooded” Asian after Anna May Wong would be the talented and beautiful Irene Tsu. I just don’t want Irene forgotten so I had to plug her.

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