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My Vintage: Suzi Quatro meets Dovima

Well, that’s the look I was going for. Of course I look nothing like either of them, but that’s where my inspiration was coming from!

What do you think of my saucy red-seamed tights? Aren’t they fabulous. It’s a pity you can see the huge bruise I’ve got on my calf, that serves me right for trying to ride my 7 year old’s scooter when nobody was watching…

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen my red Hair Chalk streaks before – they’re fading now, but I’ve had them for a good few weeks now. I was so excited when I discovered them as the super-bright hair colours look that vibrant in any hair colour (without bleaching) and only last for a few washes (I’m not brave enough to go brightly coloured permanently!). Having said that they’ve lasted much longer than 2 washes in my hair, but the red is starting to fade to pink now. I’m trying to decide what colour to go for next: blue, green, violet, pink? What do you think?

You can see how they looked when I first had them done here. If you’re not following me on Instagram then come on – you know you want to see lots of pictures of my cats, day-trips and dinners!

Vintage outfit

Outfit, from top to bottom:

Vintage outfit

Vintage outfit

Vintage outfit

Seamed tights

The photos were taken with my Canon EOS 60D camera.

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