7 Classic Hollywood Stars Who Had Plastic Surgery

Stars were having nips, tucks and predominantly nose-jobs from as early as the 1930s. It’s not well-documented as the stars who had succesful surgery rarely owned up to it, and those who had less successful surgery (like Mary Pickford who was rumoured to have damaged facial muscles after an early facelift) just faded from public view. Here are 7 stars who went under the knife (or needle) – can you think of any more?

Marilyn Monroe

Did you realise that even Marilyn Monroe had help from the plastic surgeons. As well as her platinum blonde hair, which was naturally mousey brown, she had jaw and nose reshaping operations early in her career to counteract a slightly ‘witchy’ profile and create the perfection demanded by the studios at the time.

Below: Marilyn Monroe before plastic surgery and (above) after her Hollywood transformation.

Marilyn Monroe WWII pin up for YANK Magazine

Ann Margret

Sixties sex-bomb Ann Margret had plastic surgery for rather different reasons. Following a terrible trapeze accident (where she pretty much landed on her face from a great height) she broke her cheekbone and jawbone and had to have a lot of her face reconstructed. Astonishingly she looked just as good afterwards as she did before!

Ann Margret

Dean Martin

Crooner and member of the legendary Rat Pack, Dean Martin had a nose reduction early in his career on the advice of his agent.

Dean Martin

Rita Hayworth

When latin beauty Rita Cansino first signed to a Hollywood studio she was transformed from a dark haired girl with a low hairline to a flame-haired temptress with the ‘perfect’ hairline nearly an inch higher and a completely different shape due to extensive electrolysis.

Below: Hayworth before and after her eletrolysis and studio makeover:

Rita Hayworth Rita Cansino Rita_Hayworth.JPG

Rudolph Valentino

Apparently when silent movie superstar Rudolph Valentino first arrived in Hollywood he had ears which ‘stuck out like a mad elephants‘. He subsequently had his ears pinned back and took the world by storm (until he died at a tragically young age that is).

Rudolph Valentino and his dog

Bebe Daniels and Gloria Swanson

Both Daniels and Swanson started off on the stage, but when they moved into HOllywood movies they both had nose jobs as the camera was a little harsher on their features than the stage audiences had been.

Below: Bebe Daniels and (bottom) Gloria Swanson:

Bebe Daniels

Gloria Swanson & Rudolph Valentino in Beyond the Rocks

Did I miss any out?

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11 thoughts on “7 Classic Hollywood Stars Who Had Plastic Surgery

  1. Missy

    Marilyn had her hairline cleaned up too … She had auburn hair … Gloria Swanson wasn’t on stage before she started to appear on film when she was 14 or 15 yrs old … I think one you don’t hear about was Gary Cooper … He said he hand lines in his face since he was 16 … He and John Wayne both had plastic surgery …

  2. Lori Sanders

    I wonder why everyone is after plastic surgery! It’s like almost all celebrities have undergone it. Yeah, but not only celebrities, people including both rich and poor are after plastic surgery.

    One of my friends had a breast augmentation recently.

    I was assisting her during the surgery. And in the clinic, I could see a lot of women who came to ask details about breast implants.

    Anyway, my friend is very much happy with the results :-)

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  4. Bruce W Marchetta Pma

    6-3-2015: To answer the question: Most see on the outside and not realize what matters in the subconscious inside. As an example. there were many celebrities who were not attractive but within they believe in there abilities, desires and talents and with that mind set they become the personalities they felt they ought to be on stage &/or in life. Read: Hidden Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. James K. Van Fleet D.C. One of the best I have scrutinized in 35 years. Bruce Warren Marchetta PcMA hypnotherapist practitioner . Baja Ca

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  6. Please bish

    whatever a stupid blog /if you don’t post before and after photos. PS every single movie star has had plastic surgery but hey thanks for discovering America

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  8. Gloria

    Have a hard time seeing any difference in Valentino’s ears before and after 1920. If anybody has pictures showing a clear change, i would love to see them! He did have POINTY ears, though! And a cauliflower ear!


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