Oooh, Look What I’ve Got!

1940s handbag and gloves

I saw a very dear old friend of mine yesterday (well, not so *old* actually – she’d just love being called that, ha! but we have known each other since we were 7!) and she gave me these fabulous vintage gifts as a belated birthday present. I just wanted to share how gorgeous they are (thanks Rach!).

There’s an amazing 1940s cage handbag, which is gilt and has the mark ‘Gabriel Williams & Co. Inc. Bklyn1, N.Y. on the bottom. Also I had these beautiful soft ivory leather gloves, which I’m guessing are probably 1950s, (they’re so pretty!) and a lovely bold sixties print scarf (which you can see inside the handbag below). What do you think? Aren’t they lovely things? True vintage treasure! Does anyone know anything about the company that made the bag? I’d love to find out more!

1940s handbag and gloves1940s handbag and gloves 1940s handbag and gloves 1950s gloves 1940s handbag

6 thoughts on “Oooh, Look What I’ve Got!

  1. Nina

    While I can’t tell you anything about the company that made the bag I can tell you that it is pre-1963 as it has a zone number rather than the zip codes that went into use in 1963 (Bklyn1 as opposed to Bklyn11201). Bklyn1 refers to the part of Brooklyn NY known as Brooklyn Heights, sometimes as downtown Brooklyn. I can’t find any info about the company in that area though and have no memory of it (I lived in that area 1958-1990), although being only 2 in 1958 I probably wasn’t up on area businesses. So it is likely to be pre-1960. Enjoy it! (And belated happy birthday!)

    • Mary, WHV

      It does look rather like a bird cage doesn’t it? I think even a hummingbird would feel cramped in there though, so even if it is, I’d rather use it as a handbag 😉


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