There’s little more fascinating than looking at stars back when they were ‘normal people’. Even Marilyn Monroe looked like any other girl before she dyed her hair, had plastic surgery and changed her name. The other transformation as equally interesting. Who do you think has changed the most?

Marilyn Monroe WWII pinup 1940s

Marilyn before she was famous (above) and as we all know her afterwards: 

Marilyn Monroe's mugshot

Rita Hayworth back when she was Rita Cansino:

Rita Hayworth Rita Cansino

and after her major Hollywood transformation:


Greta Garbo back when she was first starting out in European movies:

Greta Garbo before she lost weight and got her teeth fixed

And afterwards:

Greta Garbo

Gene Kelly‘s senior picture in the 1933 yearbook of the University of Pittsburgh (The Owl).

Gene Kelly Yearbook photo

Not so different from him in his Hollywood heyday:

Gene Kelly

A young and skinny Fred Astaire photographed back in 1919

Young Fred Astaire

and as we all know and love him:

Fred Astaire dancing

Mexican movie actress Delores Del Rio before she hit the Hollywood big-time:

Delores Del Rio

and at the height of her fame:

Delores Del Rio

Marlene Dietrich in her school photograph (second from right in the front row with a big bow in her hair)

Marlene Dietrich school photo

and as we know her from the 1932 movie Shanghai Express:

Marlene Dietrich

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