10 Things You Didn’t Know About Judy Garland

Judy Garland

Judy Garland is one of those movie stars that everyone is aware of, even if it’s just becaue they watch The Wizard of Oz every Christmas (surely everyone has seen that movie, haven’t they?). Everyone remembers the happy, talented girl on screen, but not so many are aware of the tragedy of her life which was filled with insecurities, addictions and depression. Her are some facts that you might not know about the fabulous Judy Garland.

  1. She was born Frances Ethel Gumm Gumm in 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
  2. Her career started at a young age performing a singing and dancing act on stage with her two older sisters as ‘The Gumm Sisters’ (pictured below). They later changed their un-glamorous name to ‘The Garland Sisters’ after erroneously being billed as ‘The Glum Sisters’.
  3. Judy Garland was described by Fred Astaire as “the greatest entertainer who ever lived”.
  4. Garland was a diminuitive 4ft 11.5 inches in contrast to other statuesque movie beauties of her age (apart from Lana Turner who was also tiny).
  5. She suffered from terrible insecurities about her looks and felt she was an ugly duckling compared to beauties like Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth. Her terrible self-image probably wasn’t helped by the fact that studio chief Louis B. Mayer referred to her as his “little hunchback” – nice eh?

  6. Judy Garland remains to this day the youngest recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in the motion picture industry, which she received aged just 39.
  7. She attempted suicide a number of times, the first of which was by cutting her wrists in 1947 after having a complete nervous breakdown, and the last of which was the drug overdose which killed her.
  8. Garland married five times, with her first four marriages ending in divorce.
  9. She had a lifelong battle with drugs and alcohol, which was partly due to her movie studio. To keep up with the frantic pace of making one film after another, Garland, Rooney (pictured above), and other young performers were constantly given amphetamines as well as barbiturates to take before going to bed. Her drug addiction ultimately led to her death at the age of 47.
  10. Garland was just 16 when she starred in The Wizard of Oz, arguably her most iconic movie. Apparently her famous blue gingham dress was designed  to have a “blurring effect on her figure” – I’m not sure whether this means they were trying to hide her figure which was starting to look more adult, or whether they just didn’t like the way she looked. Poor girl, no wonder she had insecurities!
The Gumm (Garland) Sisters

The Gumm (Garland) Sisters, ca. 1935, from left to right: Mary Jane, Frances Ethel (Judy Garland) and Dorothy Virginia Gumm.

Judy Garland

Publicity still released by MGM of Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, and Louis B. Mayer drinking milkshakes

Judy Garland

Judy Garland in her dressing room at the Greek Theater, 1957

Judy Garland

Publicity still of Judy Garland from Warner Brothers 1954 “A Star Is Born”


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3 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Judy Garland

  1. Missy

    They didn’t want to see her bosom during The Wizard of Oz … I have never heard that her death was a successful suicide attempt … She died on my 16th birthday, just before The Stonewall riots for Gay rights … I’ve always thought her daughter Liza has kept her Flane. Alive … I’m glad she has seemed to overcome her Mother’s difficulties … It’s a shame what MGM did to those kids to achieve a performance …

    • Mary, WHV

      It’s shocking what the studios did isn’t it? No wonder she struggled so much! Apparently the coroner said her death was: “an incautious self-overdose of barbiturates”, which I took to mean suicide, do you think it means something else? Accidental maybe?

  2. Randee RosenbergeRose

    She was supposed to be 12 in the woo. I read she was 17.
    Docs game out drugs like candy. If you were a star you could probably get the whole store. Then there was Dr feel Good during that time.


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