Come Play With Us Danny… The Invisible Twins

Twins from The Shining

If you’ve watched Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (and I’m pretty sure you will have done) you’ll remember those twin girls.

Hello Danny. Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever.

The photo above is from an exhibit in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I think they’ve displayed the dresses amazingly – it makes you think the twins are now somehow invisible (which of course in the movie they kind of were) and just creeps me out even further. Jack’s axes are displayed with a stroke of genius too (below) 

Jack's axes from The Shining

And just to give you a thrill of horror on this relaxing Sunday, here’s the original twins scene from the movie. Every time I watch this movie it never fails to surprises me just how scary it still is. I don’t know what’s more creepy about the clip below, the twins (juxtaposed with their horrible demise) or Danny and his talking finger.

I love this movie, but kind of hate it at the same time. It’s brilliantly done but jeez does it stay with you!*

*Just in case you haven’t seen The Shining, please bear in mind it IS a horror movie, so if you’re of a nervous disposition you might not want to watch the clip… 😉

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5 thoughts on “Come Play With Us Danny… The Invisible Twins

  1. QuinceVintage

    The Shining is in my top 5 scariest movies ever! The trailer from it with the boy running in the frozen maze of hedge used to scare the #*!p out me when it was first released. Trying to think happy thoughts now…

    • Mary, WHV

      I’m reading your comment just before I head off to bed. Big mistake, now I have the Shining trailer going through my head. I’ll have sweet dreams tonight! I’m curious, what else is on your top 5 list of scary movies?

      • QuinceVintage

        Top 5 – Order depends on the day lol! The Thing, The Shining, Fire in the Sky, Pan’s Labyrinth – very freaky! And I’m with Missy on Carrie!

  2. Missy

    The outside of The Overlook Hotel is 60 miles from where I live … It’s called Timberline Lodge and it’s on Mt Hood in Oregon … I’ve stayed there many times and luckily the interior doesn’t look like the movie at all …! The only movie that has really scared me is Night of the Living Dead which came out in ’68 I believe … Oh and at the end of Carrie … My husband and I went to see it when it was first released and when the hand came out of the earth he grabbed my arm …! It was purely a reflex as neither of us knew it was coming … We had a 2 hour drive home in the fog at night afterwards that cemented the fear from that scene …!

    • Mary, WHV

      Wow, I can’t believe you’ve stayed at The Overlook – that’s fantastic. It’s probably a good thing that it looks different otherwise I’m guessing a lot of people would find it a bit hard to stay the night comfortably!


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