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Young Joan Crawford Topless

Continuing on the theme from yesterday with Hollywood stars before they were famous, here’s a very young and rather risqué photo of Joan Crawford back in her flapper days. Totally different to her later on-screen image isn’t it!

Young Joan Crawford Topless

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4 thoughts on “Young Joan Crawford Topless

  1. cakesandcakesvintage

    1920s Joan Crawford was such a babe. I’ve seen several pictures of her from that era, and she had such an striking quality. Very different from her later period of stardom, and even more different from the campy way that we see her now.

  2. Missy

    Was looking at your picture of Clara Bow swimming naked … I think it was the era artistically, along with anything from breaking into show biz to paying the rent …! Harlow, Dietrich also come to mind …


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