How to Dress for Goodwood Revival: 1940s Vintage

If you haven’t got your outfit organized for Goodwood Revival yet, it’s time to start looking! The dress code for Goodwood Revival is anything from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. People go to great lengths (as you can see here) to dress the part, and although it isn’t obligatory to dress up, most people do and it adds to the atmosphere of the day enormously!

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So here are some ideas of to how to dress for Goodwood: The 1940s.

World War 2:

Fashion in the 1940s was dominated by WW2 and you see a lot of amazing war-themed outfits at Goodwood Revival. From RAF uniforms to American GI’s every man looks good in a military uniform!

Mens Fashions from Goodwood Revival 2013

Of course it’s not just men who wear WW2 uniforms:

Goodwood Revival 2013 Womens Fashions

Land and Factory Girls

Land girls and factory girls are always popular. To get this look tie a scarf in your hair and wear some vintage dungarees or overalls. Don’t forget a dash of Victory Red lipstick to complete the look!

Goodwood Revival 2013 Womens Fashions

Racewear and Vintage Overalls

One of the easiest outfits for men is a retro racing outfit. Grab yourself a pair of vintage-style overalls, some badges and a flat cap and you’ll look like you stepped out of a vintage Vanwall! Goodwood sell their own versin of these overalls which is nice and easy!

Mens vintage fashion at Goodwood Revival 2012

Of course the 1940s weren’t all about the war – there are plenty of other amazing 40s styles you can wear, from pretty tea-dresses to full on Judy Garland-style Hollywood glamour. Here are some of my favourites from past years and if you’d like more inspiration check out my 1940s gallery here.

Goodwood Revival 2013 Womens FashionsVintage 1940s fashionsGoodwood Revival 2013 Womens Fashions

Where to find your outfit:

There are no rules saying that you have to go for an original vintage outfit rather than a reproduction or fancy dress outfit, but original vintage does look WAY better. Fancy dress always does LOOK like fancy dress. The problem with buying original vintage is that it’s harder to find something in your size which is why it’s good to start looking as early as possible.

Here are some of my favourite places for buying 1940s vintage: the vintage section of Etsy is a great place to look, as is eBay (although that can be a bit like trawling through a flea-market). Independent stores which have a great selection of 40s vintage are The Best Vintage Clothing (they ship from the USA so make sure you leave enough time for delivery). Other great stores which sell vintage or repro 1940s clothing are 20th Century Foxy and Heydey Vintage.

Next up will be how to dress in 50s and 60s fashion for Goodwood Revival so don’t forget to check back or subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Photos copyright and used with kind permission from Matt Hind at Men’s File.

8 thoughts on “How to Dress for Goodwood Revival: 1940s Vintage

  1. Kitty

    Fabulous photos! I love the brown hat with the feather and the amazing plaid coat, so elegant. Please, in what kind of service is the woman in the red cape? She looks handsome and efficient.

    • Mary, WHV

      They’re great photos aren’t they? Matt Hind always takes photos of the best dressed people at Goodwood. Fingers crossed I might get my picture taken this year! I don’t know what uniform she’s waering. I’ve posted the question on my FB page – hopefully somebody might know :)

    • Mary, WHV

      Ah, the answer has come in via FB (isn’t that great?). “Queen
      Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service – the nursing branch of
      the Royal Army Medical Corps. Two pips on the shoulder = Captain”

  2. Helene Fallows

    Can’t believe we are creeping round to that time again. Seems like yesterday you showed us these just after the event. What will you wear this year Mary?

    • Mary, WHV

      I know – I just don’t know where the last year has gone! I’m planning to wear a 40s-inspred outfit on one day and my favourite 60s minidress (which I wore last year) on the Sunday! Are you going this year Helene?

  3. Helene Fallows

    Sadly I won’t be going but I WILL get one year. If ever you want to borrow something to wear for a change another year, happy to loan you something Hx


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