10 wierd, wonderful (and sometimes terrifying) vintage inventions which have been lost in the mists of time… My favourite is the collapsable bridge invented by Mr Deth.

One wheel motor cycle

The one wheel motor cycle which was invented in 1931 and went at a terrifying 150km per hour (93mph)

Vintage inventions: reading in bed glasses

Hamblin glasses. A pair of spectacles especially designed for reading in bed. England, 1936.

Vintage gun camera

Revolver camera: a Colt 38 carrying a small camera that automatically takes a picture when you pull the trigger. At the left: six pictures taken by the camera. New York, 1938.

Amphibious bike

Amphibious bike ‘Cyclomer’. Paris, 1932. Even the inventor doesn’t look too convinced that this would work.

Vintage inventions: the folding bridge

Folding bridge for emergencies, invented by L. Deth. The emergency bridge can easily be transported on a handcart. The Netherlands, location unknown, 1926.

Vintage inventions: the bed piano

Piano especially designed for people who are confined to bed. Great-Britain, 1935.


Kind of shovel on a car. Purpose: reducing the number of casualties among pedestrians. Paris, 1924.


Extensible caravan, built by a French engineer. France, location unknown, 1934.


A group of youngsters tied a bike tyre around the body as a swimming aid. Germany, 1925.

Vintage inventions: the radio hat

Portable radio in a straw hat, made by an American inventor. 1931.

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