5 Photos Which Prove the 1930s Were Impossibly Stylish*

Stylish 1930s swimwear

The 1930s are a decade which haven’t really had a popular revival in the same way that the other decades of the 20th Century have. Pretty much anyone can tell you what a 1920s flapper looked like, or a 1950s circle skirt or a 1960s Mary Quant mini dress but quite often if you mention 1930s fashions people just look a little blank.

I was very much the same until I started writing this blog, but the 1930s have since become one of my favourite decades because everything was just so chic and elegant. Things were toned down from the scandalous 1920s, and were yet to be affected by the austerity of war, so life was good, the fashions were flattering and people have never looked more stylish.

That’s what I think anyway. What’s your favourite style decade?

*yes, I know there are 6 photos here, but the one of the gentleman in his bathing suit is actually late 1920s so I can’t really use that to prove my point 😉

Stylish 1930s swimwear

Bathing from train at Coffe’s (sic) Harbour, 8am, thirty minutes halt for breakfast”, December 20th 1934

Stylish 1930s swimwear

Three girls and one boy on logs in swimsuits, probably Washington State, ca. 1929-1932

Stylish 1930s swimwear

Group of young people enjoying a day at the beach, Gold Coast c.1930

Stylish 1930s swimwear

Group of women on the beach in casual attire having a picnic, summer 1931

Stylish 1930s swimwear  Stylish 1930s swimwear

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8 thoughts on “5 Photos Which Prove the 1930s Were Impossibly Stylish*

  1. Emileigh

    The beach pajamas are fantastic!!! The 1930s are actually one of my favorite eras (tied with the early 1940s), but I have yet to delve into it too much. I’m hoping to soon, though!

  2. cakesandcakesvintage

    I wasn’t really into the 30s until this year. I think it’s because in my head, I associated it more with the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl than the glamour that people tried to inject in their lives. It’s easy to fall in love with the 20s – flappers! Glamour! Booze! – but the styles of the 30s are even more stunning, and more applicable to day to day life, once you take the time to look at them.

  3. Amy Mortensen

    I love the swimsuits of this era, incredibly simple yet stylish. The films of the 1930’s are full of amazingly glamorous style to distract from the desperation of the Great Depression. Lovely!

  4. Michael Mixerr

    1930s fashion was bold and daring too. Just in a more toned down, watered down type of fashion in a sense. I couldn’t help but notice both men and women were wearing one-piece swimsuits.


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