I was asked by Modcloth to create a vintage-inspired layered outfit perfect for this Autumn and, well, you know I can’t resist a challenge! We all know that dressing vintage couldn’t be simpler in the summer – all you need is a cute sundress, some great sunglasses and you’re pretty much there!

As the nights draw in and the weather turns though it’s oh-so-easy to slip back into bad habits: throwing on jeans and sweaters, lounging around in soft comfy PJs and really not making much of an effort. That’s exactly what I’ve done in response to the driving rain today! I need to give myself a kick and remember it’s easy to turn your summer wardrobe into a winter one once you grab yourself the right layers and a stylish coat!

Winter Vintage: Layer it Up Baby!



Wearing a fitted cardigan (over a 50s-style dress turns it into the perfect outfit for autumn days, and if it’s feeling a little bulky just add a belt to emphasise that hourglass shape. Take a look at Modcloth’s range of cardigans here. Team that with a gorgeous belted coat (and a cute hat) and you’ll be looking fabulous all winter!

Here are some of my other favourite extra layers for keeping cosy whilst still looking stylishly vintage this Autumn…

Charter School Cardigan in Honey

Just add a belt, and maybe a cute neckscarf to this mustard cardigan for a 50s flavour

Skulls in Session Cardigan in Black

If you’re looking for a Rockabilly flavour which is also perfect for Hallowe’en team this skull patterned cardi with some denim pedalpushers or a big circle skirt

Budding Novelist Cardigan

This is something totally different, but I love the elegant 30s vibe of this draped cardigan

From Place to Place Cardigan in Peacock

Cute and very 50s. Twin this with a pencil skirt and some killer heels for some Mad Men style Autumn fashion

Which is your favourite?

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