What Hallowe’en Used To Look Like

1930s Halloween Costume

I love the different Hallowe’en costumes in these photos, although being British I always find it strange to see people dressing in ‘regular’ fancy dress during Hallowe’en. Here we just wear spooky costumes (ghosts, skeletons etc) whereas in America any kind of fancy dress seems fine. Anyone know why? I have no idea but I’d love to know! I love the kids in these photos, especially the ones in the 1970s where everyone seemed to start wearing space-themed costumes! Which is your favourite, and what did you wear for Halloween as a kid?

Above: Halloween party for the pre-kindergarten class at the Jewish Educational Center 1937

1930s Halloween Costume

Lois Duncan Steinmetz with a pumpkin headed mannequin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1938

1930s Halloween Costume

Lambs, clowns and cowboys are lined up to celebrate Halloween. 1939.

1930s Halloween Costume

Hotchkiss Field, Halloween 1959

1950s Halloween Costume

Underwater witch at Halloween: Rainbow Springs, Florida 1950s

1970s Halloween Costume

Leslie Dughi dressed as a witch for Halloween in Tallahassee, Florida 1972

1970s Halloween Costume

Pine Crest School students wearing Halloween costumes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1970

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  1. Happy Homebird

    I much prefer vintage Halloween, more fun Halloween and less horror. I’d love a trip to the States one October to stock up on all the Halloween folk art.


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