Retro Christmas Gifts for Him

Is it just because I’m a woman that men are so difficult to buy for? I steadfastly refuse to buy the same old socks and Whiskey for Christmas presents this year, especially when there are so many amazing gifts out there for guys.  I’ve picked some of my favourites and I just hope my husband isn’t reading this post otherwise he’ll guess that I’m buying him a giant T-Rex head to go on our living room wall this Christmas 😉

I apologize right now for the number of Star Wars related gifts in this list. You KNOW I’m a total Star Wars geek (the original movies anyway) so I simply couldn’t resist. I’ve included plenty of other gifts just in case you somehow don’t ‘get’ the whole Han Solo thing…

I also have to mention that I know there are some dinosaur-themed items on here which aren’t exactly retro (more pre-historic) but they’re undeniably cool!

Raleigh Chopper Mug

If I had a pound for every time my husband has loving reminisced about his beloved Chopper then I’d be rich indeed! The Chopper was the king of cool bikes back in the 70s let him re-live the dream…

Retro gifts: Raleigh Chopper bike mug

Crosley Retro Turntable / Record Player

Also available in blue this turntable is the perfect gift for a guy who won’t get rid of his vinyl!

Take Your Turntable in Green

Tetris Night Light

You can stack and change these fun Tetris cube night lights in any order you like, just like the game (but without the annoying music).

Building Blocks of Light

Mounted T-Rex Dinosaur Head

Sooooo cool. What else do I need to say. Apart from the fact that it would give my 8-year-old nightmares, but I’m still getting one.

Fun for Your Life Wall Decor in Dino

Remote Control Pac Man

These aren’t just remote control Pac Man and Red Ghost, oh no, these play the Pac Man music while one chases the other around the floor! Epic! Hours of happy Christmas afternoon fun!

Remote Control Pac Man

Cassette Tape Cushion

Ideal for the hipster in your life, this retro cassette tape cushion is comfy and cool.

Radio-Dubbed Dreams Pillow

Star Wars Costumes from the Original Trilogy

I really want this book. Don’t get me wrong, it would be a great gift for anyone who loves Star Wars, but if anyone fancies buying me a copy this Christmas then please do!

Star Wars Costumes

The Adventurer Retro Sailor Mug

Everyone loves a sailor, right? Remind him of that by swooning every time he uses this mug.

Anchor the Call Mug

Polaroid Camera Toilet Roll Holder

There’s nothing quite relaxing as someone pointing a camera at you while you’re sitting on the loo, but I still love this Polaroid style toilet roll holder. Just be grateful it doesn’t actually take photos…

Developing Your Decor Toilet Tissue Holder

I Heart Princess Leia Mug

Show the world that Princess Leia is still the girl of your dreams, blaster and all.

I Heart Princess Leia Mug

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails

If Pac Man and Choppers just aren’t sophisticated for you (imagine!) then the Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails might be just your tipple. Get your Cary Grant on and your Cocktail shaker out boys.

The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails