Doesn’t every girl love paper dolls? I always loved them as a child and these are delightful! They were published in a French magazine and I’m guessing by the fashions that they’re from the 1930s. Suzy has a truly amazing wardrobe which I’m very jealous of – I particularly adore the dress with all the pleats at the back. She reminds me rather of Ginger Rogers with all those gorgeous gowns, I wonder whether that is who she was modelled on?

I also love the way she’s blushing in one of the pictures while she’s standing there stark naked. Presumably they felt it was more decent to blank out her body than for her to be standing there in her underwear. Oh, the embarrassment of being a paper doll…

If you’d like to print and make the paper dolls for yourself I’ve linked to larger versions of the pictures. Enjoy!
vintage 1930s paper doll

vintage 1930s paper doll  vintage 1930s paper doll

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