Dinosaurs with Syphilis: Bizarre Public Heath Notices from the Past

Did you realize Dinosaurs had syphilis? Not only that but you mustn’t kiss your baby because it’s unhygienic and whatever you do DON’T mix whiskey with gas (I’m assuming they mean as a cocktail).

I’m being facetious of course, but public health notices certainly told very different messages in the past compared to now. We might think that health and safety notices are a fairly recent phenomenon, but as these show, stating the obvious (and sometimes the ridiculous) is something which as been going on for a long time!

I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve with some of these posters. The cancer one in particular just seems to be scaremongering, and as for the 6+8 penguins poster, was that really a particularly important sum for people to know the answer to (in which case why not put the answer on the poster..?).

Strange days. It just goes to show that some bureaucrats had just as little sense back then as they do now…

And don’t forget kids: brush your teeth, rain ruins books and only God can grow trees (oh and 6 + 8 is 14).


Image source and copyright: All images are in the public domain.