What could be a better way of staring 2015 than by quoting Chicago? Actually I guess that depends on your opinion of that movie but I love it (back when Renée Zellweger had her original face and all) so I think it’s a great start to the year!

This year I have numerous New Years resolutions, as I always do. Don’t worry though, I won’t bore you with the usual ‘be thinner, fitter, younger, better and more-organized’ types of resolutions, I have a new blogging resolution.

I’ve decided I’m going to put the effort in and get better at drawing, so I’m committing to doing 1 random drawing a day and posting it here (even if it’s rubbish). Take a look – I’d love to know whether you think I’ve improved in the week it’s been going so far (probably not, but we are only on the 2nd of January so that’s OK!).

What are your resolutions this year – any one else started a new blog? (I’m still carrying on with this blog too btw!)

Drawing of Amy Winehouse