A Moment in Time: Skirts Blowing in the Wind 1930

1930s photo

I thought this photo was delightful, there’s something delicious about seeing little glimpses back in time. It looks like neither these women nor the ships officer knew this photo was being taken and I love the way the ladies are both trying to stop their skirts from flying up in the breeze.  It’s so much better for not being posed isn’t it?

I wonder whether they were on deck because they were feeling seasick, or whether they were hoping for a dashing officer to come along…? What do you think?

This photo is part of the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Samuel J. Hood Studio collection, taken on board the S.S.ORUNGAL, from Melbourne c. 1930.


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One thought on “A Moment in Time: Skirts Blowing in the Wind 1930

  1. Helene Fallows

    They are certainly giving this Officer the once over. Heels and that grid, asking for trouble. Lovely pic though.


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