Retro Gifts for Summer

My thoughts have definitely turned to summer after the last week or glorious sunshine, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite retro ideas for having fun this summer. Go on, re-live your happy childhood memories in the garden this summer!

Plastic Potato Gun

Blasting friends and family with tiny chunks of potato never gets old, and this is just as much fun as it was the first time around!. Punch the barrel into a potato and break off a pellet with a downward motion, aim at your target and squeeze the trigger to deliver potato-y justice. Available from DotComGiftShop

Space Hopper

I think any child of the 70s had one of these. Happily you can now buy them again for your children, or if you fancy it there’s even a giant version big enough for everyone who remembers the craze from the first time around!  Trust me though, it’s a lot harder work than you remember but a great way to keep fit! Available from the Science Museum

Cassette Speaker
People may look at you sideways when you pull out this seemingly normal cassette tape but they’ll be amazed at what it actually does. Hidden within this retro icon is a portable speaker system that pumps out high quality sound from your smartphone, MP3 player or other music playing device. Just untuck the cleverly hidden cable from around the edge and plug it in to any headphone port. The protruding back section not only acts as a handy stand, but also houses a resonance chamber that produces brilliantly bass-y notes to make your music sound as good as it can. Available from Hawkins Bazaar

Retro Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake Moulds

Bring a sweet fifties vibe to your cupcakes with this set of silicone moulds. Shaped like retro ice cream sundae glasses, simply decorate your bakes with icing and sprinkles and serve straight from the kitsch pink and blue moulds; the perfect party piece at your next summer soiree! Available from Joy


Mini Retro Phone Handset

Transform your mobile into a traditional telephone with this rad retro mini phone handset. Connects to any 3.5mm headphone jack. Features an external answer and end call button. More info

Army Troopers

Stuck in the office? You can still entertain yourself by placing your platoon of toy soldiers in amusing scenarios all over your desk. No one will notice (probably). Available from John Lewis

Retro Wind Up Monkey

Annoying, yes, but it will delight your inner child all the same! Wind up; his legs move and hands beat together to provide endless hours of fun/irritation. Read more