I love the idea of collating images which give a real flavour of what a place was like at a point in time. All of the photos below were taken in Paris in 1926. They range from Josephine Baker dancing at the Folies-Bergère, to photos of buildings, shop windows, fashions and bridges along with some of the adverts which would have been seen around the city. Paris looks a very different place to now…

Btw, the photo of the Eiffel Tower with the huge CITROEN advert emblazoned down the length of it was from 1925 but I couldn’t leave it out, it’s just too spectacular!

Josephine Baker 1920s Paris Charleston

Josephine Baker dancing the Charleston at the Folies-Bergère in 1926 from the revue: La Folie du jour


River Seine 1920s Paris

Pont Marie on the River Seine, 1926

Shop window 1920s Paris

Shop window showing women’s fashions, Avenue de l’Observatoire, 1926.

Zoologist Shop 1920s Paris

The strange and compelling window of a Zoologist complete with skeleton of an ape, Rue de l’école de médicine

Eiffel Tower 1920s Paris

Painting of the Eiffel Tower by Robert Delaunay, 1926

Tennis Player 1920s Paris

French tennis player Simone Mathieu at the international championships played at the Racing Club in Paris in 1926.

Paris 1920s

Rue Laplace and Rue Valette, Paris 1926

Shop window 1920s Paris

Shop window in Boulevard de Strasbourg showcasing a fascinating array of medical corsetry.

Shop window 1920s Paris

Bon Marche shop window, with 1920s coats

1920s Moulin Rouge Poster

Poster for the show “Mistinguett Moulin Rouge” 1926



English: The Eiffel Tower in 1925, with the illuminated publicity sign, imagined by André Citroën, spreading his name vertically in enormous letters.

Eiffel Tower 1920s Paris

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