If you’re like me, you love a bit of nostalgia at Christmas. Plus since everyone I have to buy for seems to already have everything they need it’s nice to indulge in a little retro fun!  I thought I’d share some of my favourites I’ve found whilst trying to find a Christmas gift for my husband this year…

Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote

Star Trek Phaser Universal Remote

‘A TV Remote set to stun’ chortle chortle I LOVE the original 60s series of Star Trek, but sadly my husband just isn’t a Trekkie so this had to get put back on the shelf. I wish someone would buy me one though! Star Trek Phaser remote from Red5

My Little Pony Mug

Sophisticated this ain’t, but I used to adore My Little Pony and this really took me back to all those hours spent grooming their tails and putting little clips in their manes. A childhood well spent I think you’ll agree.  My Little Pony Mug from Stocking Fillers

Reindeer T-Shirt

Mens Reindeer Christmas T-Shirt

I love the 1950s vibe of this simple reindeer t-shirt, which is available in adults ad kids sizes from Tiger Prints

Microwavable Bagpuss

Oh, this made me feel nostalgic! I used to watch Bagpuss for hours, and now you can pop him in the microwave so he’s lovely and warm on a cold winters night too! How much cuter is that than a hot water bottle?  Microwavable Bagpuss from Find Me A Gift

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Multi Tool

Another epic idea. Initially I thought this was just a bottle-opener, which would have been cool in itself, but no this is also  a screwdriver, wire-stripper and in fact 11 tools all in one awesome package! Millennium Falcon Multi Tool from Truffle Shuffle

Marc Jacobs Retro Rectangular Sunglasses

It might seem like a strange time of year to be thinking about sunglasses, but we do still get the odd bright sunny day even in the depths of winter, and these sunglasses look like they were straight out of the  Swinging Sixties! From TK Maxx

Newtons Cradle

My Granddad used to have one of these, it used to sit on his sideboard next to a silver cigarette box (don’t see many of those these days) and I used to love listening to the noise they made! Newtons Cradle from Red5

Scrabble Lights

I love the fact that these could be up all year round rather than being Christmas-only fairy lights. The lights have re-usable stickers so you can make your own Scrabble letter message on the lights. From Find Me A Gift.

Set of 3 Retro Cake Tins

I know cake tins might seem like a strange Christmas present, but I’d love these! It must be the 50s housewife in me! From TK Maxx

Red Tape Recorder Phone Speaker

Retro and really useful, who doesn’t need a great looking phone speaker this Christmas? From TK Maxx.