Iconic Wedding Dresses Gene Tierney

When Gene Tierney married costume designer Oleg Cassini in 1941 she was planning to wear this amazing lace dress, designed especially for her by her husband-to-be.

Ultimately though they didn’t have time to get the dress made, as eloped to Las Vegas to get married to escape the disapproval of her family, who opposed her marrying a boy from a Russian-Italian family.

She finally got to wear the dress five years later for her role in the 1946 movie The Razors Edge. With it’s sweetheart neckline and long column silhouette the lace dress was worn with a long trailing veil, matching lace hat and an oversize bouquet of flowers.

The dress was worn for a real wedding though. Kay Adell Stork, who was Tierney’s stand-in for The Razors Edge, wore it when she got married.

As well as designing for films, Cassini was the man who created the famous Jackie Kennedy look.

You can see more photos of the dress, and Gene Tierney in my Pinterest gallery below:

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