A Rather Intriguing (and Ghoulish) Photograph

Air suicide 1920s

I stumbled across this photograph this morning and I’m ghoulishly intrigued by it. The only information I have about it is that it’s captioned ‘Air Suicide Attempt‘, 1929. 

I have no idea what that means!  What is an air suicide? Did the guy try and climb out of the plain while it was flying? In which case how on earth did they manage to land the plane with him on the wing? I’ve got to assume that he was OK since it was captioned an ‘attempt’?  All in all, it’s rather intriguing. Anyone have any ideas what might have been going on?

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One thought on “A Rather Intriguing (and Ghoulish) Photograph

  1. helenajust

    I prefer to think that the chap on the wing was exhausted and decided to have a nap in the sun while he was waiting for his friend to turn up (that’s his friend peering at him and asking: “what are you doing?”). On the other hand, it’s bit odd that his arm isn’t hanging completely loose, as it would if he were asleep since it is unsupported.


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