Iconic Wedding Dresses #8: Jayne Mansfield (1958)

Iconic Wedding Dresses #8: Jayne Mansfield

50s blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield was married 3 times before her tragic death at the age of just 34.  For her second wedding to bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay she wore this sensational skin-tight dress covered with lace and sequins. (He proposed with a whopping 10-carat diamond ring which cost $5.000 at the time – something like 211,000 now).

Some reports claim that the dress was pink, but if it was it seems to have been a very pale pink as all the photos I can find of it seem to look white or cream. Their wedding was a PR sensation, when they married at the glass Wayfarers Chapel in California, giving both press and public a great view of the ceremony.

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One thought on “Iconic Wedding Dresses #8: Jayne Mansfield (1958)

  1. beachgal

    Her dress had a soft pink underlay with a tule pink netting underlay on the fishtail hem – the over lace was a light cream – that’s why folks ‘say’ she wore a pink bride dress. She and Mickey and the kids came back to the Glass Church a few times after they were married – we went to services there and got to see them on those occasions.


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