Elizabeth Taylors wedding dress sketch

It’s amazing considering Liz Taylor got married 8 times that she managed to make a fashion statement every single time!  This is one of my least favourite of her wedding outfits, partly because I still struggle to love 70s fashion (too many bad fashion choices as a child) but I had the most fun drawing it!

The first time she married Richard Burton in 1964 she wore a yellow chiffon dress with flowers in her hair, but when they remarried in 1975 whilst she wore flowers in her hair again the outfit couldn’t have been more different. The long flowing tie-dyed maxi dress was designed by Gina Fratini and was embellished with feathers and beads.

They married on the banks of the Chobe river in Botswana, with Burton wearing a natty white trousers and pink turtle-neck combo but sadly the marriage was doomed and they divorced a year later.

You can see more photos of Taylor’s many beautiful wedding dresses in my Pinterest gallery below!

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